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New Employee Required Training Curriculum

New employees are required to complete this curriculum within their first week of work. Please note that this is NOT the paid PHSA New Hire Orientation Curriculum.

New Employees


1. Violence Prevention: Introduction to Violence Prevention

2. Violence Prevention: Recognize Risks and Behaviours

3. Violence Prevention: Assess and Plan: Part 1 - Complete Point-of-Care Risk Assessments

5. Violence Prevention: Respond to the Risk: Part 1 - Perform De-escalation Communication

6. Violence Prevention: Respond to the Risk: Part 2 - Perform De-escalation Strategies

7. Violence Prevention: Respond to the Risk: Part 3 - Determine When and How to Get Help

8. Violence Prevention: Report and Communicate Post-Incident

Privacy and Confidentiality (All PHSA Agencies)

Provincial Code Red - Fire Safety Training (Acute & Residential Facilities)

Respectful Workplace - Fostering a Culture of Respect

S2S: Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety

WHMIS 1988 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)

WHMIS 2015 - Provincial Course

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