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PHSA New Hire Orientation Curriculum

To be marked as complete, please complete all seven (7) courses in this curriculum.

PHSA recognizes the value and importance of providing a comprehensive new hire orientation which is an essential element to enable a shared understanding of the organization’s culture, policies, and expectations—it helps ensure our employees are better prepared for their first day of work and beyond.

Depending on your program, you may also be required to completed program-specific orientation as well. Please speak with your leader.

BCEHS CUPE staff: please see PHSA New Hire Orientation for CUPE Employees

Please also confirm with your leader regarding additional specific orientations you are to attend. Registering for the appropriate orientations can be done on the LearningHub.

Note: if you are a returning employees within two (2) years, you do not need to take this orientation, and you will not be compensated for completing it outside of regular work hours.

Please note:

  • You will still be required to complete the New Employee Required Training Curriculum.
  • You will need to complete this Curriculum using Google Chrome.

ATTENTION BCAS CUPE EMPLOYEES: A CUPE version of this orientation has been created in a separate module. Before continuing, please be sure that you are completing the PHSA New Hire Orientation Curriculum for CUPE Employees (Course Code #8275). If you are not completing the CUPE curriculum, please refer back to your new hire email and consult with your supervisor in order to obtain the correct online orientation access.

4 hours

To be marked as complete, please complete all seven (7) courses in this curriculum. All courses must be completed in order for the curriculum to complete.

1. PHSA New Hire Online Orientation

Privacy and Security 101

Code Green – Evacuation (Online)

S2S: Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety

PHSA Policy Review

Respectful Workplace - Fostering a Culture of Respect

Provincial Code Red - Fire Safety Training (Acute & Long Term Care Facilities)

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