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Influential Leadership is part of our LeaderShift Cohort Program series.

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When we think of influential leadership, what comes to mind? We may not realize how much we influence every day at work and home, and the importance of doing it well.

More than ever, healthcare leaders are implementing change and are required to influence others. Being a strong influencer is a core leadership skill, due to the different roles we play within our organization. Whether you are an advocate, subject matter expert, or leading teams and projects, your ability to influence can a have a huge effect on your outcomes.

This 6 module program will provide you with an understanding of what it takes to become a highly influential leader using a combination of theory and practice to develop your explore your mindset, planning, and techniques.

Full attendance for all modules is required to graduate this program. Sessions will not be recorded.

Module 1: Why Influential Leadership?
Discover what you are already doing well and what techniques you would like to develop so you can create your personal roadmap.

Module 2: What is Influence?
Understand the basic tenets of influence and increase your self-awareness of how you can better develop in the key area of leader credibility.

Module 3: The Role of Persuasion
Focus on specific tools and techniques of relationship and structure that support excellent persuasion skills.

Module 4: Understanding Your Audience
Dive more deeply into the specific aspects of 180 degree influencing: above to more senior audiences, to peers, to staff, as well as other networks of partners.

Module 5: Bring It All Together
Consolidate you learning and explore together how far you have come over the program. Start preparing your final Module 6 presentation with your group.

Module 6: Where Do You Go From Here?
Recap what you have learned, tried and can celebrate, while identifying your shifts and key success factors as well as what you will be taking forward in your practice.

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36 hours

This program is designed for leaders who count on their influencing and persuasion skills in their daily work and who are looking to deepen their self-awareness, learning, and elevating their practice. This is an advanced course for those who have a diverse range of partners or who need to lead change.

All VCH Leaders who have supervisory responsibilities leading staff, groups or teams, or have oversight of program or others' practice, are eligible to apply

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