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FHA Medical Staff Orientation

As an applicant to the Medical Staff with Fraser Health, any Physician, Midwife, Dentist or Nurse Practitioner is expected to complete this Fraser Health Medical Staff Orientation Program. It will help you to learn the requirements for working at Fraser Health sites, and deliver health care services to our patients.

Time Required: Modules will take from 5 minutes to 45 minutes to fully explore. You must review the content before attempting the quizzes to be considered complete.

Additional Resources:
Medical Staff Website

2 hrs 50 mins

Welcome to Fraser Health

Infection Prevention and Control Basics for Health Care Workers in Patient Care Areas and/or Direct Care Roles

Fraser Health Information Privacy and Confidentiality (Online)

Respectful Workplace

Introduction to Indigenous Health

Fraser Health Safe Medication Order Writing (Online)

Contact Info

Office, Credentials (Medical Affairs)

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