Fraser Health Safe Medication Order Writing (Online)

This online course introduces the essential aspects of safe and effective mediation order writing, as practiced at Fraser Health.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe why “safe medication order writing” practices are important.
  • Describe the terms “Prescriber” and “Transcriber”, in the context of this safe medication order writing best practice.
  • Give examples of ISMP Canada dangerous abbreviations and symbols and the acceptable terms to be used instead.
  • List and describe the eight core elements of a complete medication order.
  • Compare and contrast “hold” and “discontinue” medication orders.
  • State what specific information must be included for all as needed (PRN) and pediatric/neonatal medication orders to ensure these orders written and interpreted safely.
  • Identify situations where verbal and telephone orders are appropriate to use and under what conditions they must never be used.
  • Describe process for giving/receiving verbal or telephone orders.

No end date

Fraser Health prescribers and other healthcare professionals who interpret or act upon prescriber medication orders.

30 minutes

No Fee.

Contact Info

Fraser Health Registrar