Intro to Gender Diversity

This introductory Trans Care BC training is designed for care providers, care teams, and staff working with transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals accessing their services.

This training explores:

  1. Key terms and concepts related to gender diversity
  2. Simple strategies for creating accessible and affirming services

This course is a shorter version of the course 'Intro to Gender Diversity - Expanded'. Therefore, it is recommended that learners only take one of the two courses. If you work directly with clients/patients on a recurring basis, we encourage you to take the expanded course at:

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All support tools featured in this course can be found on the Trans Care BC education web pages.
Support Tools Link:

Staff working in health care, mental health, and social work services

30 minutes

NOTE: Due to LearningHub LMS system's provincial parameters, this course will become limited to individuals within British Columbia within the coming month. If you find you are unable to register for the course, Trans Care BC is offering long term and short term options:

Long term option:
Trans Care BC will be launching the course on another LMS in late January, 2024 to address national access. For updates please check here or on the Trans Care BC online courses page.

Short term option:
We are temporarily providing a one-click access link to the course. However, you will need to inform Trans Care BC when you’ve completed this course in order to receive a completion certificate. Please provide:

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You can access the one-click access course here:

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