Gender-Based Violence: We All Can Help Improving the Health Sector's Response

This newly updated learning series (2022) will help you to identify, respond to, and address gender-based violence. As health sector workers, we all have a role to play in supporting those who have experienced or are living with gender-based violence.

Course 1, "Identifying, Responding to and Addressing the Impacts of Gender-based Violence" consists of 3 modules, each module is 30 - 60 minutes long depending on your level of engagement.

  • Identifying Gender-based Violence
  • Responding to Gender-based Violence
  • Addressing the Impacts of Gender-based Violence on Health Sector Workers (vicarious trauma, violence in the workplace, your employer's obligations, etc.)

You must complete all 3 modules to receive credit for course 1.

Course 2. "Introduction to Sexual Assault" is approximately 45- 60 minutes.
This course focuses specifically on the crime of sexual assault - what is sexual assault, how to respond to a disclosure of sexual assault, provide options to survivors, make an effective referral, and care for yourself.

These courses may be stopped and started as needed. You may save your work and exit using the button in the top right-hand corner of your browser screen. Then come back to finish the course at a later date.

The target audience for this series is health sector workers, so the language and the scenarios come from a health-care context. However anyone may take the courses and most of the information is relevant to other workplaces where you may encounter survivors.

4 hours

Healthcare workers in BC

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Population + Global Health, BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre

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