Hazardous Drugs - Basic Occupational Health and Safety Education

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The goal of the Hazardous Drug module is to present the knowledge and skills required to prevent or minimize workplace exposure to hazardous drug materials in a healthcare environment and, to minimize potential health outcomes in the event of an exposure.

• State and explain what a hazardous drug is.
• State and explain their inadvertent modes of entry into the body and health effects associated with exposure.
• Identify hazardous drug labels and materials.
• Identify tasks and procedures involving potential exposure to hazardous drugs.
• State and explain the three methods or actions to take, while performing job tasks, to control the likelihood of hazardous drug exposure.
• State and explain the steps to take when exposed to hazardous drugs.
• State and explain how to learn more about the Fraser Health Hazardous Drugs Exposure Control Plan.

No end date

All healthcare staff involved in preparing, handling or administering hazardous drugs.

All healthcare staff who provide care or service to patients receiving hazardous drugs, including patients on Cytotoxic Precautions.

1 hour


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