INFPUMP2 - Alaris Pump Specific Competency Assessment (Online)

This Competency Assessment on the Alaris Pump consists of:

  • Online pump-specific training provided by the vendor
  • Print and complete the Skills Assessment or Scenario under the observation of an experienced co-worker, and
  • The verification of Competency Verification

Infusion Pump Safety Program Overview
This Safety Program consists of 2 main components (Part 1 & 2). Healthcare providers must complete both components every two years as part of our commitment to safe patient care in addition to meeting Accreditation Canada's Required Organizational Practices.

Complete the following course:

Part 1. Online Infusion Pump Introduction Module

  • INFPUMP1 - Online Infusion Pump Introduction Module

Part 2. Pump Specific Competency Assessment:
For each type of pump you work with complete the following courses:

  • INFPUMP2 - Alaris Pump Competency Assessment (Large Volume Module, Syringe Module, and PCA Module)
  • INFPUMP3 - CADD Solis Competency Assessment (Surgical & Perinatal Epidurals and Palliative/Hospice Units)
  • INFPUMP4 - CADD Prizm Competency Assessment (Home Health IV & CSCI)

No end date

All Fraser Health Clinicians using infusion pumps.

1 hour

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