Fraser Health Falls and Injury Reduction - Introduction (Online)

This is an introduction to Fraser Health's Falls and Injury Reduction program. The goals of this module are to:

  • review the priniciples of Universal Fall Precautions (UFP)
  • engage in risk reduction skills through the application of UFPs
  • provide staff with the knowledge to identify a person's individualized fall and injury risk factors
  • identify additional risk reduction interventions to promote safe and client centered care
This course consists of a series of slides and interactive activities. There is a final quiz at the end of the module and the quiz result will be automatically recorded into your user history.

Prior to attending educational sessions, you must obtain approval from your manager or supervisor if attending on scheduled work time (or if you expect to be reimbursed if attending outside of work time).

No end date

This module is recommended for all Fraser Health staff, however it is required for all new FH clinical care employees during orientation.

30 minutes

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