BCMHSUS Gender Affirming Care

In this course you will become familiar with the vocabulary and language that best supports gender affirming care; understand the basic legal framework in which transgender and gender diverse people are assured basic human rights; and have an opportunity to hear from an indigenous two-spirit person as they share their personal journey towards self-acceptance and expression.

Gender affirming care within transgender and gender diverse communities has traditionally referenced all the ways in which someone might physically transition towards the gender that best represents their internal sense of self (eg. surgical and/or hormonal treatments). However, within our tertiary mental health and substance use care spaces, gender affirming care refers to the ways in which we destigmatize, include and validate our transgender and gender diverse clients throughout the treatment experiences they will have within our care spaces.

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All BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services Agency employees.

1 hour

All LearningHub learners.

Note: this course will require that you access it on a sound-capable computer.

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Gwyneth Olwyn