BCCDC - Naloxone Administration

This BCCDC - How to use Naloxone eLearning course outlines opioid poisoning response activities that anyone can do to quickly recognize and respond to an opioid poisoning event.

These life-saving skills prevent more deaths from the toxic drug supply.

This eLearning course reviews:

  • The different types of drug poisoning.
  • Opioids and how they effect the body and brain.
  • Opioid poisoning and how to identify an opioid poisoning as quickly as possible.
  • Naloxone and how it restores breathing that is slowed or stopped by opioids.
  • The importance of giving breaths to someone experiencing an opioid poisoning event.
  • The SAVE ME steps to respond to an opioid poisoning.
  • What's in a BCCDC Take Home Naloxone (THN) Kit, who's eligible for a no-cost THN kit, and where to get one after taking this course.
  • Additional resources that are complimentary to this course.

This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. It could take more or less time depending whether taking this course as a refresher or for the first time.

It is strongly advised to have current CPR training; and to go in-person to a Harm Reduction Site to get hands-on practice and build the skills needed to prepare a dose of naloxone for injection.

Because of the unpredictable and toxic drug supply, drug poisoning response recommendations will change to adapt to the accommodate the change in supply.

For this reason, it is recommended to take this eLearning course every year.

1 hour

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