Going Green At Work

Through the “Going Green At Work” course, you will be able to:

  • Take a leadership role in improving pro-environmental behaviours and processes at work.
  • Identify ways to improve workplace environmental sustainability in four focus areas: zero waste and recycling, smart energy, active and clean transportation, and culture change.
  • Identify key steps to take in achieving project or campaign goals.
  • Develop basic communication and engagement strategies to achieve project or campaign goals.
  • Identify effective ways to overcome challenges before or during a campaign or project.

This course is an introduction to the Green+Leaders program (https://bcgreencare.ca/program/greenleaders).

No end date
30 minutes

Thanks for your interest in greening your workplace, and contributing the health of people and our planet.

If you have questions or comments not covered in the course, please let us know. You can reach the Lower Mainland Health Organizations' Energy and Environmental Sustainability Team by contacting olive.dempsey@fraserhealth.ca

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