Aboriginal Health: For the Next Seven Generations for the Children

Please be advised that this course will be taken down for maintenance on December 6, 2023. If you've already started the course, please complete it fully before December 6, 2023 or you will lose any work you have completed thus far. If you no longer require this course, click Cancel Course to remove it from your list of registered courses on your home page of the LearningHub. The course will be updated and go back online in early 2024.

The “For the Next Seven Generations for the Children” course is an important course in the Cultural Safety and Humility Learning Journey here at Island Health.

We know that as we learn and know more, we do better. The current version of this course contains some information that is inaccurate, outdated, and could even be considered harmful. We acknowledge that the course creators did the best work possible given their knowledge and the state of the organization at that time- we know more and want to do better.

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