Collaboration and Compassion: a team approach to medical assistance in dying - Recorded Education Session

Video Recording of the September 28, 2016 VCH+PHSA Education Session on Medical Assistance in Dying.

  1. Welcome and Introduction - Edward Park
  2. Progress Overview - Darren Kopetsky
  3. Capability, Eligibility, Assessment - Dr. Grace Park and Dr. Ellen Wiebe
    4a. Pharmacy Role and Challenges I - Dr. Tim Lau
    4b. Pharmacy Role and Challenges II - Vince Zuccaro
    5a. The Role of the Registered Nurse - Faye Kingdon and Kelvin Britten
    5b. Support Nurse Role and Challenges - Heather Keely and Lisa Redekop
  4. Approach to Provision - Dr. Grace Park and Dr. Ellen Wiebe
  5. Documentation - Dr. Heidi Oetter
  6. Closing Remarks - Edward Park

All Healthcare professionals

4 hours

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Edward Park

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