Understanding and Addressing Vicarious Trauma

Understanding and Addressing Vicarious Trauma is an eLearning module that has been created by PHSAs Health Promotion Program to support those currently experiencing vicarious trauma and to support employees to create preventative and protective action plan to reduce its impact and risk of it re-occurring. This module has three components, these include:

  • Module 1: What is vicarious trauma and how might it affect me? provides an overview of vicarious trauma and also supports you to recognize the signs and symptoms.

  • Module 2: Addressing vicarious trauma covers strategies to support you to cope with and transform vicarious trauma by encouraging you to consider self care strategies.

  • Module 3: Preventative and protect measures builds on modules 1 and 2 supporting you to create a vicarious trauma action plan and provides information about the various support services and resources, should you identify during this module you are experiencing vicarious trauma.

If you are limited on time, you can complete each module in separate sittings, with each taking between 15-20 minutes to complete.

All employees

1 hour

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