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101 - PowerChart Basics (BCCH & BCWH)

101 PowerChart Basics curriculum is to be completed by all staff and clinicians who:

-~ DO NOT work in any of the Ambulatory Outpatient clinics using PowerChart to document.

~ Do not work in BCCH Emergency.

~ DICTATING AUTHORS who work in the hospital but not an Ambulatory setting please back out and register for 102 PowerChart Basics and Signing.

~ If you work in NICU, Oncology as a Physicians, Fellow, Staff or resident please back out and register for 103 - PowerChart NICU, ONCOLOGY CLINDOC.
(Course takes approx. 1 hr)

Note: Please use a PC not a MAC or Tablet as they do not track completion correctly.

Non-Signing Clinicians using Cerner PowerChart to look up patient results at Childrens' and Women's Hospital sites.


PowerChart Basics

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