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101 - PowerChart Basics (BCCH & BCWH)

101 PowerChart Basics curriculum is to be completed by all staff and clinicians who:

-~ DO NOT work in any of the Ambulatory Outpatient clinics using PowerChart to document.

~ Do not work in BCCH Emergency.

~ DICTATING AUTHORS who work in the hospital but not an Ambulatory setting please back out and register for 102 PowerChart Basics and Signing.

~ If you work in NICU, Oncology as a Physicians, Fellow, Staff or resident please back out and register for 103 - PowerChart NICU, ONCOLOGY CLINDOC.
(Course takes approx. 1 hr)

Note: Please use a PC not a MAC or Tablet as they do not track completion correctly.

Non-Signing Clinicians using Cerner PowerChart to look up patient results at Childrens' and Women's Hospital sites.


Please complete all the modules INCLUDING the Terms of Use

PowerChart Basics

Terms of Use - 101

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