NHA - WHS - Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Land & Air

This course no longer works because it contains Flash technology. A new provincial course is being developed but not until later in 2021.
These modules are focused only on Class 6.2 : Infectious Substances. After completion of this course, you will be able to classify dangerous good and prepare them for shipment according to Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Be sure to review the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification Process prior to taking the course:

The worker completes and prints certificate at the end of EACH module (Part 1- Land and Part 2- Air if required).

The LearningHub does not support Mac or any mobile device, a Windows desktop or laptop computer must be used.

No end date
1 hour

If you need assistance please contact your health authority:
FHA: safety@fraserhealth.ca
NHA: workplacehealthandsafety@northernhealth.ca
VCH: EmployeeSafety@vch.ca
VIHA: OHS.Prevention@viha.ca

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