British Columbia Patient Safety & Learning System (BC PSLS): My Reports

The British Columbia Patient Safety & Learning System (BC PSLS) is a web-based tool used by healthcare providers across BC to report and learn from patient safety concerns such as actual adverse events, good catches (near misses) and hazards.

BC PSLS helps healthcare providers, leaders, and others to collect and analyze information that is crucial for patient safety and quality improvement. BC PSLS is in use across all BC health authorities in all care settings.

BC PSLS Handlers are responsible for safety event follow-up activities for events reported in BC PSLS. ‘My reports’ helps healthcare leaders to analyze the types of safety problems that are reported in a particular area or program.

Reports generated through ‘My reports’ can be used to identify areas for improvement, to review and discuss at team meetings, to initiate quality improvement activities and to ‘close the loop’ with BC PSLS Reporters.

This eLearning module will teach you how to create, view and print summary reports in BC PSLS.

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BC PSLS Handlers and others responsible for safety event follow-up

20 minutes

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The BC PSLS Coordinator at your Health Authority