Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace (for managers and Leaders)

This online course is a prerequisite to the in-class Mental Health In the Workplace: Supporting your employees workshop. Four topics will be covered: stress, low mood, depression, and treatment & stigma.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, low mood, and depression.
  • Identify the workplace risk factors associated with these conditions.
  • Explain the impact of stigma
  • Take the in-class workshop to learn how to support employees displaying signs of low mood and depression.
    This course will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

No end date

All leaders, managers, and supervisors of any PHSA agency, service or division.

1 hour

You are required to complete this elearning module before attending the Mental Health in the Workplace: Supporting your Employees Workshop.

Please Note: this module was formally known as Introduction to Responding with Respect.

Contact Info

Rebecca Pflanz (604 875 7239)