Health Compass: Transformative Practices, Embracing Mental Wellbeing

Health Compass is an innovative, collaborative, cross-PHSA Agency project that aims to enhance the capacity of PHSA health care providers to further promote the mental wellbeing of patients, clients, and families that access PHSA's health care services.

Health Compass is comprised of four modules that take in total 4-6 hours to complete (1 – 1.5 hours per module). To optimize your learning, please complete the modules in order. Should you wish to focus on select modules, please note that Module 1 introduces the key concepts and principles which are the foundation for Health Compass; therefore, we highly recommend beginning your learning journey with Module 1.

Module 1 Introduces mental health promotion concepts and principles and their application to health care.

Module 2 Focuses on self-reflection, and the development of interpersonal and communication skills.

Module 3 Focuses on the role of teams in MHP and highlights opportunities for interprofessional collaborative practice.

Module 4 Focuses on healthy organizations and aspects of organization cultures (e.g. culture of patient safety, quality, patient-centred care, and navigation) and service delivery that promote mental wellbeing.

By completing all four modules, you will receive a Certification of Completion.

It is our hope that Health Compass contributes to your knowledge and capacity for transforming health care practices to promote mental wellbeing.

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Health Compass Team:
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