PHSA & VCH Safe Medication Order Writing

***UPDATE: This course is for Medical Staff Only (Physicians, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners and Midwives). If you or your organization requires learners to access this course, please contact the course manager. ***

This module is developed for prescribers and Other healthcare staff who interpret or act upon prescriber medication orders.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

-- Describe why “safe medication order writing” practices are important.
-- Describe three best practice considerations within the medication ordering process.
-- Describe what is included in the terms “Prescribing” and “Dispensing”, in the context of this safe “medication” order writing best practice.
-- List and describe the eight core elements of a complete medication order.
-- Describe medication order writing practices that can lead to misinterpretation.
-- Describe concerns related to the use of abbreviations.
Identify situations wherein verbal and telephone orders are appropriate.
-- Describe processes for giving/receiving verbal or telephone orders.

Medical Staff seeking appointment or reappointment.

2 hours

Medical Staff - All HA/HOs

This is a PHSA developed course.

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