Wellness Wednesday: Mindful Eating at Work

Healthy eating is about more than the foods we eat. It’s about discovery, creativity, and mindfulness in how we prepare and enjoy food. Mindful eating invites us to tune in to our body’s hunger cues, our emotions and environment, and encourages opportunities for connection and joy through food. In this webinar, participants will discover mindful eating strategies that encourage a positive relationship with food, and that build healthy eating habits in the workplace and in their lives.


  • Gain insights into their eating style
  • Apply mindful and intuitive eating strategies at work
  • Enjoy enhanced health and connection through mindful eating
  • Discover tasty, healthy foods that can be enjoyed at work

Staff/medical staff/residents

1 hour

You will receive an email invite the week of the webinar with a link to access the virtual session. The session will be recorded.

Facilitated by LifeWorks.

No available session available at this time

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