eLearning: Fluency Direct (Front End Speech Recognition) in Meditech Expanse

** THIS COURSE IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE PREVIOUSLY COMPLETED FLUENCY FLEX TRAINING. To setup Fluency Flex training, email: fesrsupport@vch.ca **

This self-directed module is designed to help you transition from using Fluency Direct with Fluency Flex to using Fluency Direct in MEDITECH Expanse. Ideally, this module should be completed after you've completed your other MEDITECH Expanse eLearning modules.

In this module, you will learn about:

• What carries over from Fluency Flex into MEDITECH Expanse
• Logging into Fluency Direct with Single Sign On into MEDITECH Expanse
• Using FESR to dictate and document in MEDITECH Expanse
• Using FESR via Remote Access to Dictate into MEDITECH Expanse
• Re-linking the Mobile Microphone with MEDITECH Expanse
• Converting Legacy Fluency Flex Standards to Fluency Direct Commands
• Voice enabling MEDITECH Expanse Quick Text

Dictating medical staff (physicians, Dentists, Midwives, NPs, etc.) who will be documenting in MEDITECH Expanse. Only for those who have previously completed Fluency Flex training.

10 minutes

This module is for providers who have already been trained and have been using Front End Speech Recognition (FESR) M*Modal Fluency Flex application.

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