Wellness Wednesday: Thinking Traps

This seminar allows participants to explore how our thoughts can cause decreases in productivity and passions. Participants will be able to explore complex views that define thoughts and action plans to overcome them.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to do the following:

To define cognitive thinking
To become aware of both your own and others’ negative thinking traps
Begin to see how both you and others fall into these thinking traps so easily and how they can lead to performance and behaviour issues
How to reverse these thinking traps for yourself
Be able to help others reverse their thinking traps

If you are a regional staff member working at a VCH site (PHSA/PHC/FHA), please connect with PeopleWellness@vch.ca to be registered in any Wellness Wednesday course.

Staff/medical staff/residents

1 hour

You will receive an email invite the week of the webinar with a link to access the virtual session. The session will be recorded. The recording will be available on the oneVCH Wellness site for 3 months' time following the session.

Facilitated by LifeWorks.

No available session available at this time

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