BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization for Children 5-11 Years of Age

Welcome to the BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization for Children 5-11 years of age course.

This course builds on knowledge acquired in the BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization Competency Course (LearningHub course #24913 (nurses) or #25286 (non-nursing health professionals). For those who have not completed the BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization Competency Course or broader BCCDC Immunization Competency Course, you are recommended to do so in order to fully meet the Immunization Competencies for BC Health Care Professionals.

Part 1 provides an overview of general principles for immunizing children 5-11 years of age which will include: an overview of the informed consent process, immunization communication, landmarking, reducing immunization injection pain strategies and resources, how to position a child during immunization, recognizing fear/anxiety and fainting, how to distinguish between anaphylaxis/fainting/anxiety.

Part 2 focuses on the product-specific vaccine administration recommendations and is now accessible as Health Canada has approved COVID-19 vaccine for use in this population and the NACI recommendations are available.

A certificate will be generated upon completion of Part 1, Part 2, and attaining a minimum of 80% on the knowledge check.

COVID-19 immunizers who have completed the COVID-19 Immunization Competency Courses

1 hour

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