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Substance Use Simulations

Please note: Our regular virtual SIMS sessions are currently on hold. If your team would like to request a virtual or in-person simulation session please email:

This Curriculum contains dates and registration for 4 Simulation Learning Sessions, which are offered in person, using a video simulation, as opposed to a live (in-situ) simulation. Participants can register for a single or multiple sessions across a week. Please open each course to see the dates that they are offered. The recommended order is the following:

  1. Walter's Day
  2. No Wrong Turns
  3. Together
  4. Hidden Pain

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, this curriculum ALSO contains the recommended courses needed to facilitate the substance use simulation series. The first thing to do would be to complete the SU Facilitator Training. This will allow you to access content needed to facilitate the 4 Simulations on the TeamSite.

To increase your confidence and capacity, you are also strongly recommended to complete the two day Regional Sims Program course.

Clinical Staff from Emergency, Acute Care, Urgent Primary Care, MHSU teams.


If you are interested in organizing live, in - situ, simulations for your unit or department, please inform the course owner.

Video Simulation: Walter's Day

Video Simulation: No Wrong Turns

Video Simulation: Together

Video Simulation: Hidden Pain

Substance Use Simulation Facilitator Training

Team Site - Substance Use Simulation

Simulation Learning Strategies - Facilitator Development Course (VCH)

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Regional Addiction Program Educators

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