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Substance Use Simulations

SU Simulations replicate the look and feel of a real encounter, allowing participants to employ relational practice skills and equity-orientated healthcare. These SIMS are a rich opportunity to engage all learning domains with liberatory potential.

Using a video as the simulation allows participants to see a patient's story, a clinical interaction, and hear an interview with a person with lived/living experience. The video is stopped at certain points, and a debriefing is facilitated.

SIMs are offered every month, both in-person and virtually.

If you would like to request a simulation session specific to your unit or team, please email our program:

This Curriculum contains dates and registration for 5 Simulation Learning Sessions offered using a video simulation. Participants can register for a single or multiple sessions at different times. While you can participate in order, each session is unique, covering different topics and points in someone's substance use journey. Please navigate to each course to read more about the objectives of each simulation.

  1. Walter's Day - engaging with people who use substances.
  2. No Wrong Turns - Harm Reduction with Youth.
  3. Together - Complex care for someone with intersecting needs.
  4. Hidden Pain - Cultural humility and care for an indigenous youth with concurrent disorders.
  5. Tipping Point - Treatment and Care for Adults who drink alcohol.

Clinical Staff from Emergency, Acute Care, Urgent Primary Care, MHSU teams.


If you are interested in organizing live, in - situ, simulations for your unit or department, please inform the course owner.

Video Simulation: Community Alcohol Use Support

Video Simulation: Understanding Substance Use Stigma

Video Simulation: Youth Substance Use & Trauma Informed Conversations

Video Simulation: Compassionate Opioid Use Disorder Care Planning

Video Simulation: Indigenous Cultural Safety in Substance Use Care

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