Indigenous gender diversity: creating culturally relevant and gender-affirming services

A foundational course to help learners increase awareness, knowledge, and skills for improving access to services for gender diverse Indigenous people across BC.

Content development for this course has been led by and made in collaboration with various gender diverse Indigenous, Two-Spirit, and Indigenous community members, providers, and artists.

Acknowledgments are found within the course.

For people working in health care, mental health, and social service settings.

3 hours

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This course relies heavily on audio & video media files, therefore, accessing this course through a fast & reliable internet connection is highly encouraged.

Recommended prerequisites:

If you are new to learning about improving health care access for Indigenous people, we highly encourage you to take the San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program.

If you are new to learning about improving health care access for gender diverse people, consider taking Intro to Gender Diversity - Expanded.

Scope of training:

This is a short foundational course, and therefore, it is not a comprehensive source of information on understanding all experiences, barriers to care, and care needs of gender diverse Indigenous people across British Columbia or beyond.

Further learnings:

Trans Care BC encourages everyone to continue learning about Indigenous gender diversity and the broader scope of Two-Spirit cultures, identities, and roles in various Indigenous Nations. Sources for further learnings are offered in the course summary, as well as on Trans Care BC's webpage on Two-Spirit.



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