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Pandemic Immunizers: Retired Medical Practitioners

Welcome to the COVID-19 Pandemic Immunization Certification course for Retired Medical Practitioners! Completing this education will prepare you to provide COVID-19 vaccines in Island Health.

Before providing COVID-19 vaccine immunizations, all Retired Medical Practitioners are required to meet the education outlined in the Provincial Health Officer Order: Regulated and Unregulated Health Professionals SARS-CoV-2 Immunization Order – March 24, 2021.

Next Steps:

  1. Refer to the BC Immunization Manual for the best practice guidelines to direct the provision of immunization services, with a particular focus on Part 3 - Management of Anaphylaxis in a Non-Hospital Setting and the COVID-19 vaccine specific resources contained in Part 4 – Biological Products :

  2. Complete the courses in this curriculum (Click on Enroll in Curriculum button on top left of this page).
  3. Print the following:

Learning Outcomes/Expectations:

  • All immunizers are able to safely administer COVID-19 vaccines.
  • All immunization staff are able to discuss concerns, misconceptions and questions that clients may have (e.g., issues that clients raise during the consent process).
  • All Immunization staff are competent to manage intended and unintended outcomes.

Retired Medical Practitioners who will be providing COVID-19 vaccines in Island Health.

5 hrs 45 mins

COVID-19 Immunization Clinics: Intramuscular (IM) Injection Clinical Lab

BCCDC COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

BCCDC COVID-19 Vaccine Overview

Cultural Safety and COVID-19 Immunization Clinics

Anaphylaxis Initial Emergency Treatment by Nurses (Adult & Pediatric)

BCCDC COVID-19 Viral Vector Vaccines

BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization for Older Children and Adolescents

BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization for Children 5-11 Years of Age

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