Trauma & Resiliency Informed Practice for Researchers and Evaluators - Part Two

There is growing recognition that there is no such things value free science as cultural, political, social, linguistic, and economic origins of perspectives including those engaged in inquiry affect who is involved, what gets measured and what gets reported. More so, research and evaluation activities can no longer be viewed as a neutral activity, as the effects of individual and collective experiences of trauma can be triggered and activated. This two part workshop, 3.5 hrs each totally 7.0 hrs, is intended to build your knowledge and enhance your skills for trauma and resiliency informed research and evaluation practices to: increase trauma awareness and its effect; enhance safety and trustworthiness, foster collaboration; broaden your perspective and mitigate ‘tunnel vision’; and, reduce bias and discrimination
Specific learning outcome include:

  1. Define what is psychological, social, and ambient trauma and recall different types of trauma that can be experienced in evaluation and research projects.
  2. Become familiar with the effects of trauma (past and current) for patients, families and service providers that can be activated during research and evaluation activities
  3. Apply skills and tools to reduce the effects of re-traumatization and increase effective patient, family and service provider engagement and safety during evaluation and research projects
  4. Appraise your own response to distress experienced from trauma and become familiar with compassion led strategies that support your resiliency as an evaluator and/or researcher

Anyone engaged in research and evaluation activities

3 hrs 30 mins

Fraser Health (FH) and contracted FH employees

This is part two of a two-part workshop. Please ensure that you have registered/completed part one course #24481 or link

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