Psychological Safety and Resilience

This course introduces us to psychological safety: what it is, why it’s important and how to create psychologically safe spaces. We will also learn about the importance of establishing a personal resilience practice, and walk through some resilience-boosting resources.

This course is divided into 3 modules:
• Psychological health & safety
• Resilience Matters
• Resilience at Work

To complete this course, you will need to work through all sections, complete the quizzes, and watch all videos.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Understand Fraser Health’s commitment to employee psychological health and safety
• Recognize the impact of psychological health and safety and resilience on health care workers
• Understand resilience and how it impacts your operational and relational goal
• Apply self-care practices to support your resilience

All Fraser Health Employees

35 minutes

Contact Info

FORRESTER, CHELSEA (Forrester, Chelsea)

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