Introduction to working with Indigenous Elders

Learners will watch a short online video that will introduce cultural protocols staff should be aware of when working with an Indigenous Elder. The video discusses the following:
• The difference between an elder and an Elder
• The respected position of Elders in Indigenous culture
• How to greet an Elder
• How to communicate with an Elder
• How to ask the Elder’s wishes regarding their sacred items
• The Ceremony of the Circle
o Following and respecting the Elder’s lead
o Scheduling and warning
o Letting the Elder set ceremony guidelines

All Vancouver Coastal Health Staff

12 minutes

By the end of the session learners will be familiar with:

  1. Basic information regarding Elders and their role;
  2. Protocol and respecting the Elder;
  3. The ceremony of the circle.

Contact Info

Janice Wardrop, Shannon O'Neill, Neesha Pooni, Shaunene Smyth, Tristen Westman

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