Mental Health in the Workplace: Supporting your employees

Developed by Workplace Health and the Canadian Mental Health Association, this two hour manager training course aims to:

• Help managers recognize the signs & symptoms of low mood and depression
• Help managers feel comfortable talking to colleagues/employees about depression
• Educate managers on factors that contribute to a Healthy Workplace
• Provide information on the PHSA Workplace Mental Health & Addiction strategy and related programs/resources.

New for 2016 -2017 - Requesting a Workshop

If you would like to request a workshop for a group of managers and leaders in your department/agency please contact Debbie Pratt at (604.875.7222). The minimum notice period required when scheduling your workshop is 6 weeks.

Departments and agencies can group together to ensure the minimum threshold of participant numbers is met. Contact Debbie Pratt for details.

We have a limited number of workshops available that will be free of charge to the requesting department and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Any subsequent workshop requests will be subject to workshop fees, payable by the requesting department/ agency.

Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, HR

2 hours

Pre-requisite: To attend this workshop, all participants must complete the online course "Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace (Managers)".

This course is available at any time on the Learning Hub.

Please Note: this training was formally named Depression in the Workplace: Responding with Respect

There are currently no dates available for this workshop, however if you would like to request this training for Managers within your agency please contact Debbie Pratt on 604 875 7222 or

No available session available at this time

Contact Info

Rebecca Pflanz (604 875 7239)