BCCDC Immunization Competency Course

Purpose: To equip new immunizers with the knowledge necessary to provide safe and effective Immunization programs based on the Immunization Competencies for BC Health Professionals (a provincial adaption of the Public Health Agency of Canada Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals). This course is employer-mandated in some practice settings. Please consult your health professional's regulatory body, as well as your employer, who can advise you of respective requirements in order to safely administer immunizations.

All health professionals who administer immunizations in BC such as: Registered Nurses (RNs and RPNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Pharmacists, Naturopathic Physicians and Community Paramedics.

12 hours

The BCCDC Immunization Competency Course consists of two components:

  1. The Online Immunization Course and Basic Exam (12 hours).
  2. The Immunization Skills Checklist (requires additional support from the Employer).

The BCCDC Immunization Competency Course is a comprehensive course. Completion of all 16 modules within the course can take learners approximately 8 hours and the Basic Exam may take up to approximately 4 hours depending on the learner’s level of experience.

The BCCDC Immunization Competency Course has been recognized as the gold standard for education in BC related to the 16 immunization competencies as laid out in the Immunization Competencies for BC Health Professionals. These competencies range from the scientific basis of immunization to essential immunization practices and contextual issues relevant to immunization, and provide foundational knowledge applicable to all immunization providers regardless of which vaccine(s) they provide or the age of their clientele.

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