Green+Leaders Orientation & Training Workshop

The Green+Leaders (G+L) Network is a collection of engaged staff volunteers who help create healthy workplaces on a healthy planet by improving environmental performance of health care operations across the Lower Mainland Health Organizations (LMHOs). You can learn more about the G+L Network by visiting

By taking part in this orientation session you will become part of an engaged network of sustainability volunteers.

This orientation session will:

  • Orientate you to the G+L Network;
  • Provide an opportunity for you to network and connect with like-minded colleagues;
  • Strengthen your understanding about sustainability and its importance in both the global context and more specifically within healthcare.

All staff with an interest in sustainability in healthcare!

1 hr 30 mins

All interested staff must first seek permission from their Manager or Supervisor prior to registering. Once you register, you will be asked to complete a brief registration form which will include approval from your Manager to participate in the network.

No available session available at this time

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