Dysrhythmia Education Course

Upon completion of Dysrhythmia Education Course, you will need to complete the final quiz in Dysrhythmia Competency in order to test your understanding of the content and ensure that you have consolidated your knowledge of dysrhythmia education.

The goal of this dysrhythmia education course is to provide healthcare providers with information to better assist in cardiac dysrhythmia identification and management. This course provides detailed dysrhythmia material and activities to consolidate your learning.

Course Content
Module 1: Anatomy, physiology, electrical conduction
Module 2: Interpreting ECG rhythm strips
Module 3: Sinus rhythms
Module 4: Atrial rhythms
Module 5: Junctional rhythms
Module 6: Ventricular rhythms
Module 7: Atrioventricular blocks
Module 8: Implanted cardiac electrical devices (ICED)
Module 9: Dysrhythmia interpretation

Registered nurses working in cardiac monitored areas

10 hours

If you are expecting to be reimbursed for this course, you must obtain approval from your manager or supervisor prior to starting this educational session. Thank you.

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