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FH Paris - Fundamentals Online - Clinicians/Practicum Placement

This Online Curriculum provides fundamental theory required to use Paris for any Clinician/Practicum student (new or returning to using Paris after 365 days), regardless of program, site or service. Completing this Curriculum provides a theory base for Write-access users.

For further supports during your course please see Paris Resources
**This cannot be accessed from a home computer, you must be on a FH computer to access it.

Curriculum Requirements:

  1. Complete ALL courses within the curriculum with a minimum of 70% on each final course quiz
  2. Once the curriculum is complete, Registrants must enroll in the FH Paris -Skills Assessment. The skills assessment is required to receive WRITE access to Paris.
  3. This Curriculum must be completed by 0800 two business days prior to the Skills Assessment course that you are registered for or you will be removed

Note: Please ensure a Paris User Request form is submitted by your Manager/Hiring Assistant 5 days prior to completing the FH Paris - Skills Assessment. This ensures your account is set up and ready to be activated to WRITE access after completing the skills assessment.

If the above requirements are not met students will be asked to register for another Skills session.

** If you would like to practice your skills once you have completed the entire curriculum. Please see the Paris Practice for practice accounts and guidelines

6 hours
  1. To obtain Write Access, you must also register for the FH Paris Skills Assessment
  2. The FH Paris Fundamentals Online curriculum must be complete by 8 am two business days before your scheduled FH Paris Skills Assessment
  3. Take the opportunity to Practice
  4. Need more support: go to Paris Resources, go through the videos on the User Guides and videos page, there are videos on Addresses, Alerts, Assessments, Client Site Risk assessment, Case Notes, Duty Desk and Referrals
  5. Ask a Colleague if you need help or a Paris Mentor
  6. Need more help, contact

100 - FH Paris - Navigation

201 - FH Paris - Central Index

202 - FH Paris - Referrals

203 - FH Paris - Client Site Risk Assessment (CSRA)

204 - FH Paris - Clinical Summary

205 - FH Paris - Assessments

206 - FH Paris - Case Notes

207 - FH Paris - Death Application

208 - FH Paris - Discharge Application

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