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Wound Management for Nurses – Provincial Curriculum (Online)

This wound care curriculum course is open to all nursing professionals and consists of interactive courses which can be taken individually. Certificate of completion issued per course where applicable (Note: none issued for Chapter 3a, 3b where hands on practice required for completion). These courses also exist on for later reference.

For the best experience, please use Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer or Firefox. Do not use Safari as it will cause issues with course completion.

Chapter 1a. Pressure Injury Prevention (Braden Risk Scale and Interventions)

  • Client risk factors associated with the development of a pressure injury,
  • How to perform a Braden Risk Assessment and document its score,
  • How to use the Braden Risk Score Sub-scales and possible interventions to mitigate risk.
  • NOTE: this module is the same as the stand alone module Course#14798
    (30 minutes)

Chapter 2a: How Wounds Heal

  • Trajectory of wound healing
    (30 minutes)

Chapter 2b: Wound Assessment

  • Basic wound etiology and assessment parameters
    (30 minutes)

Chapter 2c: Wound Cleansing

  • Definition of wound cleansing, three types of aseptic technique, video demonstration of wound cleansing
    (30 minutes)

Chapter 2d: Wound Packing

  • Indications and contraindications for wound packing, video demonstration of wound packing
    (30 minutes)

Chapter 2e. Additional Education Requirements LPNs - Care of Wounds with a Non-Visible Wound Bed

  • Designed to meet the additional education requirements for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) to safely probe, cleanse, irrigate, pack and dress wounds with a non-visible wound bed (undermining and sinuses/tunnels)

Chapter 2f. Wound Dressing Selection

  • Description of the various forms & functions of wound dressings and how to determine which dressing to use based upon the wound assessment and interventions needed.
    (45 minutes)

Chapter 3a: Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Education

  • Learn the purpose of an Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) procedure
  • You will need to print Appendix E (and Appendix F if applicable) to demonstrate the procedure to your Educator or Wound Care Clinician
    (30 minutes + clinical practice/demonstration)

Chapter 3b: Application of Compression Therapy

  • Learn the purpose of compression therapy, precautions and contraindications
  • You will need to print the Skills Checklist (pg 42-43) Demonstrate of your sking and sign off of the Checklist is to be done with your Wound Clinician/Clinical Educator
    (2 hours + clinical practice/demonstration)

Chapter 3c. Monofilament Testing for LOPS

  • A ~2 minute module that explains the importance of doing monofilament testing for loss of protective sensation and how to do the test.

Chapter 4a. Burn Wounds Module 1: Triaging Burns/Treatment Minor Burns

  • Definition of a Burn Injury vs a Burn Wound
  • Mechanism of injury as well as the extent and depth of the Burn Wound
  • Triage or the initial assessment of the Burn Wound
  • Goals of treatment and the management of the minor burn wound including special considerations
  • Resources for follow-up and patient teaching
    (30 minutes)

Chapter 5a. NPWT Level One: Monitor & Manage

  • Guides you in how to monitor & manage the dressing/device of a Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system (reusable and disposable).
    (30 minute followed by a seven question quiz)

This program is open to all British Columbia Health Authorities' nursing health care professionals.


Prior to attending educational sessions, you must obtain approval from your manager/supervisor if attending on scheduled work time or if you expect to be reimbursed if attending outside of work time. Download this form, have it signed and then keep it for your records. Thank you.

Chapter 1. Pressure Injury Prevention (Braden Risk Scale and Interventions)

Chapter 2a. How Wounds Heal

Chapter 2b. Wound Assessment

Chapter 2c. Wound Cleansing

Chapter 2d. Wound Packing

Chapter 2e. Additional Education Requirements: Licensed Practical Nurses - Care of Wounds with a Non-Visible Wound Bed

Chapter 2f. Wound Dressing Selection

Chapter 3a. Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Education

Chapter 3b. Application of Compression Therapy

Chapter 3c. Monofilament Testing for LOPS

Chapter 4a. Burn Wounds Module 1: Triaging Burns/Treatment Minor Burns

Chapter 5a. NPWT Level One: Monitor & Manage

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