Meditech Client Server - Enterprise Medical Record (EMR) (Online)

This online course is intended to teach patient care providers and students from affiliated post-secondary institutions how to find patient records and navigate the Meditech Enterprise Medical Record (EMR) to:

  • Locate patient records
  • View patient care documentation
  • View special panels
  • Identify patient resuscitation (MOST) status
  • View order history and status
  • View medications
  • View transfusion records
  • View laboratory and diagnostic imaging reports
  • View consultations and dictated reports
  • View contact and demographic information

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All clinical staff, students and care providers

1 hour
For practice before or after training, please see:
MEDITECH Practice - Login and Practice

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For information about MEDITECH accounts and access, please see:
Requesting MEDITECH accounts and access

For scheduled and/or unscheduled downtime procedures, please refer to MEDITECH downtime instructions.

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