Confidential Information Management (CIM) Code of Practice

Welcome to the Confidential Information Management (CIM) Code of Practice course. This education module will support you in your ongoing efforts to care for all confidential information you may encounter in your day-to-day practice. Please read the following instructions carefully.

If this is your first time doing the CIM Code of Practice course, you will need about an hour to complete the education module.

If you've already done it once, then good news! You just have to redo the CIM Code of Practice Quiz, and re-sign and renew your annually-required commitment to care for information.  

All Island Health staff.

1 hour

Island Health only


Prior to attending educational sessions, you must obtain approval from your manager or supervisor if attending on scheduled work time (or if you expect to be reimbursed if attending outside of work time). Download this form, have it signed and then keep it for your records. Thank you.

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