Infection Control During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance (Online)

Upon completion of this online course, learners will be able to:

  • Explain how construction, renovation, and maintenance activities can transmit infection to a susceptible host in healthcare settings.

  • Recognize the infection control risk assessment matrix and explain how it is used in healthcare settings.

  • Define preventative measures and identify what elements are indicated for each level (I – IV)

  • Indicate when the preventative measures analysis needs to be documented and reviewed by a multidisciplinary team.

  • Identify the CSA Z317.12-17 as the resource document for reference when initiating any construction, renovation or maintenance activity in a healthcare setting.

  • Differentiate roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders in preventing construction, renovation and maintenance related infection.

All Facilities Management Staff as well as Infection Control Professionals.

2 hours

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Tahir Joseph

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