Emotional First Aid: Peer Support

Compassion for others is a valuable characteristic Health Care Practitioners possess. This constant giving can increase stress levels and in a sense "zap" the supply of personal compassion and care. At times a trusted and respected colleague will be the first one available to assist in reducing the impact of a very traumatic and challenging event. This course is designed to give participants basic tools on offering Emotional First Aid for your peers. In addition, these skills are also beneficial in supporting family, friends, neighbours and community groups. Teaching components and practical skill development in providing emotional support are the main objectives of this 3.5 hour workshop.

This course is open to all Fraser Health staff, physicians and volunteers who want to learn basics on assisting those who have experienced a traumatic event and will have significant benefit for those in supervisory roles.

3 hrs 30 mins

Course is free for Fraser Health staff, physicians and volunteers although pre-registration is required.


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