Hospice Palliative Care Education Basic Day 1 (Fraser Health)

Basic Day 1 (Formerly, Palliative Care Basics)
Introduces guiding principles and basic approaches of Hospice Palliative Care...exploring the journey - psychosocial perspectives in hospice palliative care; palliative care, the palliative approach and Fraser Health's 'caring network' of resources; pain assessment, management and pharmacology; enhancing communication at end of life; and, case-based learning about care through transitions patients and families make during the last phase of patients' lives, including management of the symptoms: nausea, constipation and dyspnea.

Intended for nurses working in all settings across Fraser Health - members of other disciplines are welcome to attend.
Attendance is free to Fraser Health & contracted/affiliated RNs and LPNs, and related disciplines. Others interested in attending may enquire about the fee and registration process by emailing the Course Manager.

7.5 hours

$150.00 per session fee for non Fraser Health employees and non Fraser Health affiliates. Payment by cheque only, made payable to Fraser Health Authority.

Overall goal: to build and/or add to attendees' palliative care 'toolkits'... useful for the care of patients and their families living at the last phase of their lives, wherever they are receiving care.
Those who have attended in the past are welcome to register to attend the newly updated days. May register for one or both days... Day 1 must be attended before Day 2. The 'online pain module' provided during Day 1 must be completed prior to attending Day 2.
Prior to attending educational sessions, you need approval from your manager or supervisor if attending on scheduled work time (or if you expect to be reimbursed if attending outside of work time).Everyone will be placed on the ‘waiting list’ whilst registrations are being received. Once your registration is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Thank you.

Available Sessions

Nov 3, 2017, 8am - 4pm

Delta View Life Enrichment Centre
9321 Burns Drive, Delta, BC V4K 3N3
Coffee shop on site. Not always open/cash only. Best to bring your lunch/snacks.Tim Horton's nearby. Free parking on Burns Drive