PCIS VA/RH Inpatient Order Entry - Online

Introduction to placing non-medication orders in the PCIS system.

This course includes:

  • Reviewing the order profile
  • Placing Single Orders
  • Placing Order Sets
  • Using Order Lookup Help
  • Department Specific Orders
  • Add-on Orders
  • Discontinuing Orders

Course Length: approx. 1.5 - 2 hours

NOTE: Although this course focuses on Order Entry in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), the steps and flow of the Order Entry process are similar for other Inpatient Units.

Supplemental Training materials specific to Order Entry on Inpatient Units, will be provided by e-mail after completion of this course, and should be reviewed by Inpatient Unit staff if applicable.
Depending on Job Role, additional time may be needed.

ICU Physicians, Fellows, Residents (VGH only)

As of March 2020, available to additional Job Roles listed under the
Open To section below.

The prerequisite for this course is the PCIS VA/RH Basics - Online course

Questions? Contact vhpcistraining@vch.ca

2 hours

COVID-19 Update: While the PCIS VA/RH Order Entry - Classroom course is suspended, this online course is also available to the following roles on Inpatient Units:

  • Nursing and Unit Clerk (NUA/NUC) Staff

  • Nursing and Unit Clerk (NUA/NUC) Students *

  • Dietician Staff and Students ** - UBCH Only

* Nursing Students (in Instructor led groups) and Instructors - not required to take this course. Students will not receive access but may take this course for educational purposes (e.g. - Preceptorship Students).

Unit Clerk Students - will receive View access

** Dietician Students - will receive View access

For these job roles, the prerequisite for this course is the PCIS VA/RH Clinical Basics - Online online course


  • RT (Resp Therapist) Staff - complete the PCIS VA/RH Basics - Online course and the PCIS VA/RH ED and UCC Order Entry - Online course

This course focuses on Order Entry in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) by Physicians.

During COVID-19, Nurses and Unit Clerks on Inpatient Units taking this online course in place of the Order Entry classroom training must review the Inpatient Order Entry PowerPoint in addition to completing this course.

It provides supplemental information specific to Order Entry processes on Inpatient Units. The Inpatient Order Entry PowerPoint is available in this online course under the Job Aids section.

Other supplemental training materials sent by e-mail after completion of this course should be reviewed if applicable.

Note: The online PCIS Basics course must be completed PRIOR to this online PCIS Order Entry course.

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