Effective Briefing Note Writing

Writing effective Briefing Notes can be a frustrating and time consuming exercise. Re-writing the Briefing Note multiple times often takes much more time than expected. This workshop will clarify the purpose and structure of Briefing Notes, give participants some useful writing skills and streamline the revision process.

Participants in the workshop will learn practical tools that can be used in the Briefing Note writing and revision process. This workshop is an interactive experience where participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills and try them out. The goal of this workshop is for participants to gain greater confidence in writing Briefing Notes as well as to develop the skills to critically review their own writing as well as the writing of others and also to
conduct the revision process.

Supply Chain leaders and staff who draft Briefing Notes for the BCCSS Management Board

2.5 hours

No available session available at this time

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Matthew Annis