Disability Management Training for Managers

This PowerPoint presentation (with audio) is designed to familiarize VCH managers with both the concept of disability management and their specific role in the disability management process. The time to view this presentation and complete the quiz at the end is approximately 25 minutes. Registration is not required. More information, including a downloadable handout, is available on the course page (please click the course url link provided at the bottom of this page).

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All VCH Managers and Supervisors




  • All VCH Employees, please click the Register button, if present, to register into a session.

  • Prior to attending educational sessions, you must obtain approval from your manager or supervisor if attending on scheduled work time (or if you expect to be reimbursed if attending outside of work time). Download this form, have it signed and then keep it for your records. Thank you.

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    Susan Firbank